Boxing BasicsThe basics of boxing for all beginners and people just learning how to box. Read below for information on punching, boxer's stance, footwork, sparring, training, and how to find a good boxing gym. The basic techniques make fighting easier for beginners while encouraging good habits. As you become more skillful and athletic, you will find it necessary to "break the rules" for strategic purposes.

Boxing Basics

Fight Training Advice

A comprehensive list of answers for the most common questions I get every day from readers.

Some of my answers weren’t exactly sweet or polite but somebody’s gotta say it. At the end of the day, boxing is a tough sport. And it’s common for people to feel lost, defeated, and without a sense of purpose.

I hope my answers, as brazen as they are, help you find clarity in your journey inside the ring. [Click to read more…]

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Why ALL Fighters Should Learn Boxing

Boxing can teach you more about fighting than you might ever realize.


Those who’ve never tried boxing could easily say:

  • Why bother with a limited fighting art that only uses the hands?
  • No kicks, knees, or elbows? Boxing isn’t real fighting.
  • Boxing is only about landing the knockout punch, anyone can get lucky.
  • Boxers have bad punching technique.
  • Boxing is so unskilled, it just looks like a brawling street fight.


Those who HAVE tried boxing could easily say:

  • Boxing is tough. Tough training, even tougher competition.
  • Pure athleticism. Raw speed, power, and endurance. Tiring and painful.
  • Incredible reflexes and extremely fast fight reaction time.
  • Very skilled, commonly misunderstood and under-appreciated fighting art.
  • Very humble fighters and learning environment.


All fighters, mixed martial artists, could benefit from learning how to box. Even if you don’t care for boxing techniques or boxing punches, you could still learn a lot. Boxing can make you a better athlete, improve your reflexes, make you smoother, and more comfortable in a fight. There’s a reason why all MMA camps have dedicated boxing trainers on staff.

Here are my 5 reasons why EVERY FIGHTER should pick up some boxing skills: [Click to read more…]

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Boxing Secret - Drop the Hips

Learning how to use your body weight will help you throw harder punches or even defend against harder punches. All it takes is a little technique to help you ground for when you need more balance and power.

This simple tip will increase your offensive and defensive fighting abilities. [Click to read more…]

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Warm Up Your Jaw for Boxing

Here’s something I see the pros doing all the time but never any amateurs.

They warm up the jaw before they get in the ring. Loosening up the jaw will decrease the chance of injury to your jaw and even help you take punches better. It’s surprising to see that not many fighters do this!

It looks funny but here’s what you do: [Click to read more…]

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beginners guide to boxing

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to boxing!

Are you new to boxing and don’t know where to start? I made this complete basic boxing guide for all beginner boxers, filled with explanations, pictures, videos, and links to more detailed guides. Please share it with other aspiring boxers and fighters.

Let’s begin! [Click to read more…]

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basic punching tips

Many fighters seem to get stuck after learning the basics. You’ve perfected your form months ago and still for some reason can’t hit the intermediate level. If you’re still feeling like a beginner at your gym, then you are most likely failing at a basic skill. Only after you’ve mastered these absolute basic skills will you EVER be able to move on to more advanced techniques successfully.

See my 7 basic punching tips for all beginner fighters:
[Click to read more…]

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It’s been a while but the boxing mailbag is back! I answer nearly 80 questions on boxing training, use of punching bags, defensive methods, and ideas to get started on training. [Click to read more…]

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Boxing Mailbag 2-22-12

February 22, 2012 February 22, 2012 by Johnny N Boxing Basics, Boxing Mailbag 56 Comments

The latest boxing questions on boxing equipment, punching technique, safety issues, and boxing training. [Click to read more…]

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How do you explain boxing to others

I couldn’t resist making one of these funny meme’s for boxers. I was laughing while picking the images for this but then I started wondering: how do other people look at boxing? Most people I meet are always shocked to find out that I box. I’ve gotten better at explaining the sweet science over the years. Here’s what I tell them: [Click to read more…]

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How to Find your Dominant Hand

Unless you’re the small percentage of ambidextrous fighters, one of your hands is faster, stronger, and more accurate than the other. Knowing this allows you to determine your proper boxing stance for strategic and anatomic benefits. It may not be an advantage but at least you don’t handicap yourself.

But first of all, how do you figure out your dominant hand? [Click to read more…]

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