Boxing Tip #2 – Fast 1-2, BIG Left Hook

April 13, 2010 April 13, 2010 by Johnny N Boxing Basics, Boxing Tips 2 Comments

An awesome combination commonly used by the more experienced guys in the game.

What you do: Throw a really fast 1-2 to keep the guy on the defensive and then a big left hook. (REMEMBER: You have to throw a really fast 1-2 with no emphasis on power – pure focus on speed. The cross is thrown slightly after the jab so that the 1-2 lands right after one another which is then followed by a big left hook that is thrown with all your power.)

Why it works: Basically, the cross will come so fast that it will disturb your opponent who is not expecting the punches to come so fast that the left hook will surprise him. In some occasions, the cross might land which makes the opponent instinctively put his glove in front of his face to block punches from hitting… which then leaves him open for the big hook. You are also welcome to try 1-2, PAUSE, and THEN the big hook. FAST 1-2, BIG Left hook!

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PaidBill October 7, 2011 at 1:12 pm

A hook IS a cross.

And the soft points like the temples, throat and balls. Are the realy vitality killers in all fights.

That’s why blocking those are ridiculously important, and it seems like when a strike goes near those areas. Counters become much easier. If not easily reproduced. In combination with blocking effectively.


Seb January 10, 2014 at 2:44 pm

PaidBill, your comment does not make much sense to me, which is probably why no one has replied to it so far, however, I’ll try to help you out by explaining a few things.

1) A hook IS NOT a cross, they are two completely different types of punch.

A cross is a straight power punch delivered with the rear hand that comes right down the middle of your opponents guard. See the instructions by Johnny from expert boxing on how to throw a cross either on this very site or on youtube:

A hook is a semi-circular punch thrown with a bent arm around the outside of your opponents guard, and can be thrown with either hand. Again, Johnny has provided an instructional video on how to throw a hook:

This is very basic boxing knowledge.

2) Everyone knows that you need to block or dodge attacks to vital points on your body.

3) Listen to people who know what they are talking about, learn from them and then try to apply that knowledge in your daily life. You will find that this makes life a lot easier.


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