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Boxing Drills

boxing mitt drills

The absolute best boxing mitt drills used to train fighters.

Want to know where all the great boxing champions first learned their boxing techniques?
HINT: It probably wasn’t on the heavy bag, in shadowboxing, or even in the ring.

It was most likely on the mitts! That’s where your trainer pulls you aside, shows you a few things, and then lets you try it out. He’ll keep correcting you and if you get it right, he cuts you loose in the ring to show it off. And then next week, he gives you a new trick and repeats the process all over again. It’s possible to say that every refined boxing skill was first developed on the mitts!

In case you’ve always wondered, here are the best and most common mittwork drills used in boxing gyms today. You’ll find all the typical routines for developing a fighter’s punching technique, power & speed, defensive maneuvers, footwork, and counter-punching reflexes against all styles of opponents.

Every beginner boxer needs to know all these drills ASAP!

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Automatic Boxing Skills

Do you think having more boxing skills makes you a better fighter? Think again! It’s the fighter with more AUTOMATIC boxing skills that wins.

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training flinch reflex

This is a guide base solely on training out your flinch reflex. I’m talking about the natural reflex where a fighter may blink or close his eyes and stiffen up his body when he sees punches coming his way. It’s natural but there is a way to fight through it. You basically have to practice.

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