Boxing StylesLearn different styles of boxing, how to use them, counter them, and more importantly: how to fight against different styles. We also study the styles of our favorite professional fighters. This section gives you an detailed look inside the minds of your favorite boxers and to understand the fight game as they do. You will learn what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.

Boxing Styles

inside fighting for boxing

Learn how to pressure and break down opponents with inside-fighting.

Many boxers don’t like fighting on the inside. It’s not how they were taught to box and it goes against common sense. Why get closer to your opponent so he can hit you easier? Inside-fighting becomes this dumb risky move that you do only when you absolutely have to. I had to do it every time I was tired or getting jabbed to death. I hated it but I learned something…

There are ADVANTAGES to inside-fighting:

  • PRESSURE your opponents physically and psychologically
  • NULLIFY opponent advantages in power, speed, defense, skills, height, reach
  • FRUSTRATE aggressive or defensive opponents
  • STALL a fight or take a break by preventing opponents from punching
  • TIRE out your opponent without burning your own energy
  • CONTROL your ground and wrestle your way out of bad positions
  • DOMINATE in the ring by using your presence

Having inside-fighting skills can do wonders for your fighting ability. For one, it guarantees that no matter how deadly your opponent is, you will always be comfortable even up in his face. And second, you have a skill that many fighters do not have. This means you’ll be that much deadlier in the ring because fewer opponents will know how to deal with you at this range. I’ll teach you how to walk down any opponent and push him around to make room for all your punches on the inside while effortlessly avoiding his.

(Make sure you watch my attached Youtube videos to fully understand the techniques.) [Click to read more…]

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How to Beat a Constant Ducker

Fighting a guy that’s constantly ducking under can be the most annoying thing ever.

First off, it’s annoying just to miss. But to miss again and again because some bull keeps running his head into your balls is frustrating. Some of them are using every chance to duck out of the fight and clinch you around the waist. Others are constantly positioning themselves in a way that makes it hard for you to hit. It feels kind of dirty and it’s actually against the rules to duck that low.

The most difficult is when it’s a trickster with tons of slick head movement and pinpoint counters (think Pernell Whitaker). The scariest is when it’s a muscular stocky guy who creeps in with hard counters (think Mike Tyson).

I’ve fought all kinds of duckers before and to be honest, I’ve even played the part myself. 🙂 I’ve figured out a few tactics that have worked well for me over the years and definitely dissuaded them from doing it as frequently.

Here’s how you stop the ducker… [Click to read more…]

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How to Choose Your Fighting Style

How do you develop the best fighting style for yourself?

I’ve had somebody ask me, “How do you choose your fighting style?” and I find it to be an interesting question. Because honestly…you don’t really get to choose your fighting style. You have to adapt to the game and do whatever it takes to win. So in a sense…if your goal is to win…your style will evolve to whatever it needs to be in order for you to win or survive in your combat environment.

Your fighting style should come to you naturally, evolving over the years as you jump through the hoops. What’s important is making sure that you go through these natural steps and growing pains to give yourself (and your style) the best chance to evolve into a fully malleable  and adaptable fighting style.

Here are the 7 stages of natural fighting style development: [Click to read more…]

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How to be a Pressure Fighter

NO—this is NOT a guide about coming forward and throwing lots of punches.

Pressure fighting does not mean recklessly walking into your opponent’s punching range. It also does not mean tons of head movement. It also does not mean of machismo and mental determination. (Although I will admit, those things do help.)

For me, the “pressure” is more about psychological rather than physical. It’s not just about landing punches. It’s about making your opponent uncomfortable. Discomfort is what leads to rapid fatigue, strategic mistakes, and mental shutdown.

Learn how to pressure your opponents WITHOUT throwing punches!

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How to Fight a Counter-Puncher

Counter-punchers can be the hardest AND MOST ANNOYING type of fighters to beat!

  • They’re so much faster. Sometimes even taller and longer.
  • They move a lot.
  • And they hit you every time you try to come in on them.

Like I said, counter-punchers are ANNOYING! But don’t worry…there are many tactics you can use to put pressure on them, make them uncomfortable, and eventually break them down.

Here’s how you counter the counter-puncher! [Click to read more…]

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What's Your Fighting Style?

The best fighters usually fight with their best fighting style. It’s as simple as that. Fighting with a style that fits your natural ability and skills makes you more effective and more successful in the ring.

I use to think developing a fighter’s style was easy until I spoke to a beginner the other day and realized many beginners are potentially using the wrong fighting style. Let me be clear, your best fighting style is PROBABLY not the one your favorite boxing champion uses.

For those of you ready to stop copying Mike Tyson, and start being *insert your name*, here are 4 easy steps to developing YOUR FIGHTING STYLE! [Click to read more…]

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Right-handed brothers, fear the wretched lefties no more! I have solved the southpaw puzzle at last! Learn how to outmove, outpunch, and outbox the southpaw. This is my official guide to beating southpaws.

How to Fight a Southpaw

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It is possible to beat someone that’s more skilled and more talented than you? Not only can the “underdog” win, it happens ALL THE TIME!

How to Beat a Better Fighter

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How to Beat a Shorter Boxer

Your trainer tells you to keep jabbing but it doesn’t work. The short guys are too fast and too strong. Being tall was supposed to be a blessing, not a curse. This guide will teach you how to beat the shorter fighters.

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Drowning Style of Boxing

Learn how to drown your opponent. Take him into deep water and wear him out with this passive aggressive fighting style used by great boxers such as Oscar De La Hoya, Kostya Tszyu, Thomas Hearns, and Vitali Klitschko.

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