Boxing TechniquesBoxing techniques, boxing advice, and boxing instructions to help all boxers train and perfect their boxing skills to become a stronger, more powerful, and faster boxer. Great technique should improve effectiveness and efficiency. Great fighting techniques are focused on improving performance as opposed to be limited by rules and forms. Every fighter and fighting situation is different requiring mastery of many techniques. There are no such things as the "best fighting techniques", there are only good applications. Technique in itself is not so much what you do, but how you use it.

Boxing Techniques

power punching secret 2 legged punching

So what’s the “secret” behind two-legged punching? Well, the idea is to punch on 2 legs. Some of you are already thinking, “What? That’s it?! That’s your big secret? I already punch on 2 legs!

I would even estimate that at least 90% of the people reading this are punching on one leg. You might THINK you’re punching on two legs but you’re really not. Most fighters right now don’t even know how to use their non-pivoting leg!

If you’re shifting your weight while punching, this guide is for you!

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jab with head movement

Did you know…?

8 out of every 10 boxers don’t know how to come in with the jab.

It’s a random statistic I just made up but my point is: hardly anybody moves their head when they come forward with the jab. Anytime you bring yourself closer to your opponent, you’re potentially walking into a dangerous counter punch. For this reason head movement is crucial for all forward movements—ESPECIALLY THE JAB.

It’s time you learned how to SAFELY come in behind the jab. [Click to read more...]

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advanced slipping body movement

If you thought slipping was only about moving your head, you were wrong.

Slipping isn’t limited to just straight punches or head punches. Advanced slipping techniques allow you to slip hooks, uppercuts, body punches, ANYTHING! I’m talking about a crazy James Toney level of slickness where opponents can’t even lay a finger on you. The masters of slipping are untouchable!

Reach the next level of defensive slickness by learning how to slip USING BODY MOVEMENT! [Click to read more...]

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head movement

What’s the proper way to use head movement? What’s the difference between head movement and slipping? How do you slip without losing balance? How do you slip WITHOUT pulling on your head? How do you slip punches faster and easier?

The secrets to slipping are answered in THIS guide! [Click to read more...]

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how to throw a straight punch

Straight punches are supposed to be faster and longer leaving you less vulnerable than curved punches…but only when thrown correctly.

Somehow I managed to box for years before being taught how to throw a straight punch. I thought I knew how to punch so I was surprised when my trainer showed me why my jab and straight right were actually slightly crooked.

Here’s one little tip to make those punches really straight: [Click to read more...]

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dance for boxing

PHOTO: this is my brother, Brian Nguyen, the tango champion.

My brother tried for years to get me to dance. I refused at first thinking “what the hell does dance have anything to do with fighting?” He was the lover, I was the fighter. Could dance and boxing have been any more different? Turns out, I was wrong. There’s a whole lot fighters can learn from dance lessons besides balance and footwork. [Click to read more...]

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boxing defense techniques

A quick rundown of the 6 boxing defense techniques. Footwork, blocking, parrying, rolling, slipping, and countering! Learn how each defensive technique is used, their advantages and disadvantages. I list some examples of how they might be effective or ineffective in fighting situations. [Click to read more...]

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What if you could defend against punches without using your hands? How much faster would you be able to counter if your hands weren’t so busy blocking punches? You don’t need Floyd Mayweather’s reflexes to do the shoulder roll. I’ll show you the technique and teach you how to roll with the punches!

How to Shoulder RollIt’s time you learned one of the oldest defensive techniques in boxing[Click to read more...]

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How to Stop Wasting Energy

Most fighters don’t know (or can’t admit) that they’re wasting energy. They make silly excuses like, “Oh I just need to relax more.” or “I need to work on my cardio.” No, man…you’re getting tired because your technique sucks. You’re losing fights not because of your cardio but because of the way you fight.

Are you tired of getting tired?!

…if so, then STOP DOING THIS ONE THING… [Click to read more...]

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Slipping punches is good advice, but hard to follow. You probably already know the concept of moving your head and staying outside the punch. You heard, “Make him miss, make him pay.”  a dozen times before.

But how are you supposed to slip exactly?

Knowing WHERE to move your head and HOW to move your head requires proper slipping technique. Good slipping technique allows you to avoid punches AND come back with a good counter-punch. I’ll show you the 3-point slip, the 2-point slip, and also how NOT to slip.

How to Slip Punches

Today you’re going to learn how to slip punches CORRECTLY!

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