Boxing TipsThe Boxing Tips section has some things for you to try out next time in the ring or quick little reminders for old boxing tips you forgot about.

Boxing Tips

Boxing Secret - Drop the Hips

Learning how to use your body weight will help you throw harder punches or even defend against harder punches. All it takes is a little technique to help you ground for when you need more balance and power.

This simple tip will increase your offensive and defensive fighting abilities. [Click to read more…]

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Warm Up Your Jaw for Boxing

Here’s something I see the pros doing all the time but never any amateurs.

They warm up the jaw before they get in the ring. Loosening up the jaw will decrease the chance of injury to your jaw and even help you take punches better. It’s surprising to see that not many fighters do this!

It looks funny but here’s what you do: [Click to read more…]

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No sex before a fight

“No sex in training!” Does that sound familiar? Is your trainer claiming sex makes you weak? If so, then why are studies showing that sex doesn’t make you tired? I can tell you why it’s not a giant myth…

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Tired of losing your balance and getting pushed around by bigger guys when you're trying to block punches? There is an easy way for you to fortify your guard and allow yourself to block a solid punch without being moved:

…Just bend your knees and drop your weight a little right when you catch that punch on your guard. 

It's very simple. Imagine your opponent throwing a punch at you. Right as it lands on your arms, you bend your knees, drop your hips and exhale at the same time. Lowering your weight allows you to temporarily anchor yourself into the ground and fortify your body structure allowing you to withstand a harder punch without being pushed around as you block.

You can practice this technique on the heavy bag. Stand right in front of it with your chest almost touching the bag. Push it hard to make it swing away from you. As it comes back at you, quickly throw up your guard, drop your weight and exhale. If you drop your weight correctly, the bag will crash into your guard but it won't push you back. (Don't focus on pushing back at the bag, instead focus on dropping your weight and pulling your body down into the ground to absorb the impact.)

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Controlling your breathing is one of the most important things in boxing. Proper breathing can benefit you by increasing your endurance, allowing for more explosive movement, calming your mind, and using your body more effectively in an overall manner.

  • Make sure you breath especially during wild exchanges. Punching without breathing means you will get winded.
  • Explosive breathing = explosive movement. When you punch, breathe out fast & sharp! (This will make your punches fast & sharp!)
  • Try to avoid panicking and taking giant gulps of air when you are tired. Instead try to slow down your breathing so that your heart rate slows down and gives your body and mind a chance to catch up. Resume punching when you are ready.

Whenever you’re training whether it be in the ring or outside the ring, remember to CONTROL YOUR BREATHING!

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Want to INSTANTLY improve your offense and defense? Always keep your Eyes On Opponent. When on defense, don't cower so far behind your guard that you can't see where the punches are coming from. Look out from behind your guard and stare down your opponent. Pick off those punches and throw a counter when you see a hole in your opponent's defense.

When on offense, you should definitely keep your Eyes On Opponent because it ensures that you are committed to the punch. You are being confident, the punch will strike with more impact, and you may notice even more punching opportunities. 

Remember: Eyes On Opponent!

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An awesome combination commonly used by the more experienced guys in the game.

What you do: Throw a really fast 1-2 to keep the guy on the defensive and then a big left hook. (REMEMBER: You have to throw a really fast 1-2 with no emphasis on power – pure focus on speed. The cross is thrown slightly after the jab so that the 1-2 lands right after one another which is then followed by a big left hook that is thrown with all your power.)

Why it works: Basically, the cross will come so fast that it will disturb your opponent who is not expecting the punches to come so fast that the left hook will surprise him. In some occasions, the cross might land which makes the opponent instinctively put his glove in front of his face to block punches from hitting… which then leaves him open for the big hook. You are also welcome to try 1-2, PAUSE, and THEN the big hook. FAST 1-2, BIG Left hook!

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This boxing tip is a quick little reminder for boxers to always remember to punch high and low.

Try this: Jab High to raise your opponent’s guard…and Hit Low with your right hand low to his midsection. It’ll knock the wind out of him.

When you do this boxing tip, you have to really sell it to your opponent and make him believe that your right hand was going to go high. You do this by looking him straight in the eyes even as you throw the right hand to his body. Looking at him square in the face will also make sure that you’re paying attention if he throws a counter-punch at you.

Remember: Jab High! Hit Low!

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