Counter-PunchingLearn how to counter-punch against different styles of opponents and different situations. Counter-punching strategy requires a combination of good defensive and offensive boxing skills.


Deadly Bait Punch Combinations

Bait combos are my way of setting up nasty counters.

It’s very simple: I throw a few punches, wait for the expected counter, and then I come back with my own counter. These have been tried and tested against all kinds of opponents. They work against all kinds of opponents – fast, slow, tall, short, skilled, unskilled. The more aggressive the opponent, the better. 🙂

Best of all you will learn not only how to set up opponents, but you will also develop your own awareness for opponent reactions. And with these newly refined reflexes, you can do SO much more.

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The 3 Axes of Boxing

Becoming a slick boxer requires the ability to flow through EVERY POSITION in boxing.

If you’ve ever watched a slick boxer for more than 2 minutes, you’ll see him tilt his spine. First he’ll tilt it one way, then he’ll tilt it another way. His upper body moves like a joystick nearly every minute of the fight.

But WHY should you do it? And an even better question—HOW?

You’re crazy if you still think it’s possible to fight from only one position.
I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different axes in boxing. Next I’ll tell you how to transition between them. Then I’ll tell you how to transition WITHOUT wobbling off balance.

Keep reading if you want to become a slick boxer.

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10 counters for the right hand

If you’ve ever faced a big puncher before, you’ve probably noticed the power of his right cross within seconds of the opening bell. It can be a psychological hurdle when you’re trying to outbox your opponent. It’s hard to focus on establishing your jab when all you want to do is run and hide from his right hand.

There may be weak jabs and weak hooks but the right cross is almost always a powerful punch—even from a lesser-skilled fighter. It’s the kind of power you never forget and rightfully so; it’s caused many knockouts in the professional and amateur ranks. Luckily for you, the right hand can open up many opportunities for your counters. Why be afraid of the right when you can use your opponent’s momentum to land your own power punches?

Here are 10 classic counters for that right hand… [Click to read more…]

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Setup Hooks to the Body

Any fighter can tell you the hook to the body can be the most painful punch you will ever feel. It cripples your body from the inside, paralyzes your legs, and takes away your will to fight. Worst of all: hooks to the body can knock you out but leave you conscious to feel the pain.

Nowadays, all fighters are taught to throw hooks to the body but very few are taught how to set them up. They think setting up body hooks means slipping a punch and coming inside. They’re half right but they’re still missing one key ingredient. This is something I took years to figure out.

…the proper setup determines whether you slip in safely to land your hook OR get crushed under your opponent and countered! [Click to read more…]

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The easiest punches to counter are the ones you know are coming. Learn to how to set traps and then punish your opponent with deadly counters.

baiting and forcing counters

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counter the parry

A quick guide to countering the quick handed fighters that are always parrying your punches or deflecting them with their arms. An opponent that parries all your attacks can be especially tiring for your arms or even demoralizing as you don’t know how to reach them with your most powerful shots. [Click to read more…]

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Southpaw Boxing Counters

Three simple counter-punches for southpaw boxers to use against orthodox right-handed fighters. It’s time you use your southpaw stance to your advantage!

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7 Easy Boxing Counters

Seven easy ways to counter your opponents moves. Must-learn boxing reactions for all beginner boxers.

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