Mental TrainingThis area covers advice on strengthening your mind and just toughening your mental resolve to withstand all challenges before you. As we all know, boxing is easily as much a mental challenge as it is physical so any boxing site would be incomplete without a mental section.

Mental Training

Mental Strength Tips

Quite often, we find ourselves in moments of doubt, confusion, fear, anxiety, and even failure. We become so afraid that we lose sight of our meaning in life. We forget about our passions and our dreams. We forget who we are and who we had hoped to be. Instead of living in hope and wonder for the future, we cast shadows upon our own destiny because of fear, and the fear of fear, and the fear of failure.

From the things I’ve been through, the books I’ve read, and the things I’ve learned from others…I’ve come to find some things that I think could help anyone. These are things you could apply to any challenge in life. Whether a dream, whether a hardship, or maybe a fear, there are always empowering ways to approach things.

These are my best tips for anyone going through the most challenging, most nerve-wracking, and most exciting journeys in their lives. [Click to read more…]

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Traits of the Best Teachers

What separates the great teachers from the average?

  • Is it their technique?
  • Their training methods?
  • Their fighting accomplishments?
  • An ability to understand students?

I’ve noticed that in many gyms, the average student is well…average. Everyone is learning the right technique and doing the right training and yet the number of champions created are few and far between. And then there are the other gyms that seem more like talent factories, producing champions year after year after year.

It’s been several years now that I’ve been not only a student in my craft, but also a teacher. Fortunately, I’ve always been surrounded by amazing boxing trainers, but it’s just now that I’m really starting to notice the subtle differences in the philosophies of a great teacher from those of an average teacher.

I share 4 traits of the best teachers I know today: [Click to read more…]

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Q: Johnny, Why am I afraid of punches and what can I do?

The fear of getting hit cripples even the best of us. I’ve seen dozens of amazing athletes…all talented, intelligent, fast, powerful…all reduced to easily fatigued punching bags in the ring because of this fear.

And it’s ESPECIALLY a common problem among beginners learning how to box. I mean…how do you expect someone to fight well if he’s afraid of getting hit? It’s almost damn near impossible.

Fortunately, there IS a solution and ANYBODY can overcome this fear…. [Click to read more…]

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Mindset of a Champion

What goes on inside a champion’s head?

What do they worry about? What do they focus on? How do they approach boxing and fighting differently from other fighters?

The most shocking and inspirational revelation of all was when I realized all pro boxers saw themselves as champions. They had all won local amateur tournaments or achieved success in other areas of life. Even the ones without sporting accomplishments saw themselves as champions in life. And all of them trained like they were going to become champions.

After spending several years with these guys everyday in the gym, it was easy for me to pick out all the things that made them different from the average boxer.

I initially wrote this guide to describe pro boxers but it wasn’t long before I realized I was describing the mindset of every champion.

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dealing with failure

We’ve all been here before. The feeling of self-doubt, uncertainty, fear, pain, confusion.  One minute I was excited to be the greatest fighter in the world. The next minute, I was wondering if boxing was even the right thing for me.

I gave up on myself a thousand times. I hated my jab, hated my footwork, even hated my own boxing style. I lost all confidence in my own abilities. The sport I had fallen in love with had become my greatest enemy. I was all but permanently retired from boxing when a light shined at the end of the tunnel.

It turns out: failure can be the greatest thing to ever happen to you. FACT: many people actually reached great success AFTER failure.

Here’s how I reached absolute failure within 6 months of boxing…

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how to be a good trainer

I walked into the gym the other day and put on the focus mitts first. I warmed up the fighters, one after another, and then followed them around yelling out adjustments while they trained and sparred. I didn’t notice it then but this was my first time in the gym without wrapping up.

In fact, the mitts stayed on my hands the whole time. It wasn’t until the session ended when I realized…“Oh shit, I’m a boxing trainer now.”

A part of me died inside that day. “I’m still too young! I can still fight!” I cried to myself.

I always thought of myself as a fighter. I never fantasized about being a trainer, not even with the growth of ExpertBoxing. It was just something that happened. Somewhere along the line, I was thrust into a position of authority. Not because I was the most knowledgeable but because people believed in me.

Here’s how I did it… [Click to read more…]

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avoid negative energy

Negative energy limits you. It steals precious energy from you, makes you feel bad, and keeps you from achieving your dreams. In a world that isn’t perfect, only positive energy can help you grow into greatness.

The preparation for success is to identify and protect yourself from all forms of negative energy. [Click to read more…]

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change your life

So you’ve decided to be great and built up your confidence to pull you through. What happens next? It’s time to change your life to get what you want. If you want to be great, you have to change your life and change yourself. I don’t know how long it’ll take you but I do know you can start being great TODAY.

It’s hard to imagine that you can be great in just one day but I’ll show you exactly how I did it. [Click to read more…]

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The great Henry Ford said, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

We can only accomplish what we THINK is possible. Your mind sets the goals in your life and determines whether you’ll get there. If you dare to be great, how strong must your mind be?

strengthen the mind

Better yet, how do you strengthen the mind?

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Welcome to my personal recipe for success, a series of articles based on the experiences of my life and the lives of great individuals I’ve gotten to know personally. Of all the amazing individuals I’ve met, my brother was the only one I watched from his humble beginnings. It’s inspiring to witness the daily struggles of someone so close to you.

how to be great

The first lesson in becoming great: deciding what you want… [Click to read more…]

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