Mental TrainingThis area covers advice on strengthening your mind and just toughening your mental resolve to withstand all challenges before you. As we all know, boxing is easily as much a mental challenge as it is physical so any boxing site would be incomplete without a mental section.

Mental Training

Somebody asked me a great question the other day. He said:

Johnny, how do you not get hit?

…to which I laughed and said, “FEAR!”

You have to be afraid of getting hit. It’s not enough to be “defensively-minded” (whatever that means) and watching Floyd Mayweather videos. You have to be genuinely afraid of your opponent’s punch. You’ve got to respect his power and respect what he can do.

Now I can think of 2 reasons why most fighters don’t respect their opponent’s power… [Click to read more…]

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Building Your Fight Confidence

Every fighter who has ever lived has been afraid before.

Why do some fighters go on to become world champions whereas others retire without a single win? If you’ve been training long enough, you might realize there’s no amount of training that will ever give you complete confidence. You can’t train confidence, it’s an attitude.

Let’s break down why you’re scared to death of getting in that ring. More importantly, how to overcome that so you can start winning fights. [Click to read more…]

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Every fighter faces total exhaustion in the ring someday. Instead of panicking and getting beat up, you can learn how to fight tired and box your way through exhaustion.

How To Fight Tired

Fighting tired is one of the toughest challenges boxers ever have to deal with. The challenge is more mental than anything. You can train your hardest everyday of the week and somehow still manage to get tired in the ring. It’s discouraging and psychologically damaging to get tired in the ring and know that you might not have enough energy to keep your opponent from beating you.

So what does it take to keep your mind mentally strong and carry you through the body when your body has failed? Read on for some training and fighting tips to help you fight tired.

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No more butterflies in your stomach before fights. Here are some tips to build confidence in your boxing ability.

Building Confidence

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