jab with head movement

Did you know…?

8 out of every 10 boxers don’t know how to come in with the jab.

It’s a random statistic I just made up but my point is: hardly anybody moves their head when they come forward with the jab. Anytime you bring yourself closer to your opponent, you’re potentially walking into a dangerous counter punch. For this reason head movement is crucial for all forward movements—ESPECIALLY THE JAB.

It’s time you learned how to SAFELY come in behind the jab. [Click to read more…]

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change your life

So you’ve decided to be great and built up your confidence to pull you through. What happens next? It’s time to change your life to get what you want. If you want to be great, you have to change your life and change yourself. I don’t know how long it’ll take you but I do know you can start being great TODAY.

It’s hard to imagine that you can be great in just one day but I’ll show you exactly how I did it. [Click to read more…]

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advanced slipping body movement

If you thought slipping was only about moving your head, you were wrong.

Slipping isn’t limited to just straight punches or head punches. Advanced slipping techniques allow you to slip hooks, uppercuts, body punches, ANYTHING! I’m talking about a crazy James Toney level of slickness where opponents can’t even lay a finger on you. The masters of slipping are untouchable!

Reach the next level of defensive slickness by learning how to slip USING BODY MOVEMENT! [Click to read more…]

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how to brawl

I was coaching 2 fighters in the ring the other day when a familiar scenario played out for the 1000th time. One fighter came forward with wild punches while the other fighter retreated behind a long jab. The boxer was trying to maintain his perfect technique but still couldn’t manage to keep the brawler from landing at will.

I begged the boxer to stop and trade with the brawler but he couldn’t do it. It wasn’t in him to exchange punches. When the sparring match ended he asked me, “Why does he keep beating me?”

Here’s what I told him… [Click to read more…]

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head movement

What’s the proper way to use head movement? What’s the difference between head movement and slipping? How do you slip without losing balance? How do you slip WITHOUT pulling on your head? How do you slip punches faster and easier?

The secrets to slipping are answered in THIS guide! [Click to read more…]

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how to throw a straight punch

Straight punches are supposed to be faster and longer leaving you less vulnerable than curved punches…but only when thrown correctly.

Somehow I managed to box for years before being taught how to throw a straight punch. I thought I knew how to punch so I was surprised when my trainer showed me why my jab and straight right were actually slightly crooked.

Here’s one little tip to make those punches really straight: [Click to read more…]

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Attack rhythms for fighting

“It’s not the punches you throw, it’s how you throw them.”

It sounds like that cliche lecture you’ve heard all your life about quality over quantity. Well the saying holds true for boxing as well. Throwing quality punches (with accuracy and timing) is far more useful than throwing punches in bunches (wasting energy and leaving you vulnerable).

But it’s more than just quality. Throwing punches with different rhythms confuses opponents. You can use different rhythms to make your attacks more effective without inventing new punches or spending extra energy.

You can create an infinite number of combinations even while throwing the same punches over and over…simply by changing your attack rhythm! [Click to read more…]

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Boxing Mailbag 2-22-12

February 22, 2012 February 22, 2012 by Johnny N Boxing Basics, Boxing Mailbag 56 Comments

The latest boxing questions on boxing equipment, punching technique, safety issues, and boxing training. [Click to read more…]

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How do you explain boxing to others

I couldn’t resist making one of these funny meme’s for boxers. I was laughing while picking the images for this but then I started wondering: how do other people look at boxing? Most people I meet are always shocked to find out that I box. I’ve gotten better at explaining the sweet science over the years. Here’s what I tell them: [Click to read more…]

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Why Lifting Weights Won't Increase Power

There’s a popular misconception that lifting HEAVY weights guarantees increased punching power. Every month I see endless emails, forums, and websites full of fighters trying to rationalize the benefits of weights for fighting. Not surprisingly, many are written by guys with limited fighting experience. Weight training CAN build powerful muscles but won’t guarantee you powerful punches.

I’ll give you 5 reasons why… [Click to read more…]

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