Why ALL Fighters Should Learn Boxing

Boxing can teach you more about fighting than you might ever realize.


Those who’ve never tried boxing could easily say:

  • Why bother with a limited fighting art that only uses the hands?
  • No kicks, knees, or elbows? Boxing isn’t real fighting.
  • Boxing is only about landing the knockout punch, anyone can get lucky.
  • Boxers have bad punching technique.
  • Boxing is so unskilled, it just looks like a brawling street fight.


Those who HAVE tried boxing could easily say:

  • Boxing is tough. Tough training, even tougher competition.
  • Pure athleticism. Raw speed, power, and endurance. Tiring and painful.
  • Incredible reflexes and extremely fast fight reaction time.
  • Very skilled, commonly misunderstood and under-appreciated fighting art.
  • Very humble fighters and learning environment.


All fighters, mixed martial artists, could benefit from learning how to box. Even if you don’t care for boxing techniques or boxing punches, you could still learn a lot. Boxing can make you a better athlete, improve your reflexes, make you smoother, and more comfortable in a fight. There’s a reason why all MMA camps have dedicated boxing trainers on staff.

Here are my 5 reasons why EVERY FIGHTER should pick up some boxing skills: [Click to read more...]

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5 Southpaw Boxing Tricks

September 30, 2013 September 30, 2013 by Van Truong Boxing Offense, Boxing Strategy 31 Comments

5 Southpaw Boxing Tricks

I’ve been asked for southpaw guides so often that I’ve decided to enlist the help of a true southpaw, one of my fighters, and a great friend: Van Truong. This will be his first post of many to come for ExpertBoxing.

These are some of the simplest and most effective southpaw tricks I’ve used to land punches on orthodox fighters. All you need is a little movement, a slip or a feint, and of course some basic punching technique. Being that you already have a southpaw advantage simply because your stance alone, it doesn’t take too much to confuse the right-handers. :)

Here are 5 of my favorite southpaw boxing tricks: [Click to read more...]

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How to Fight a Counter-Puncher

Counter-punchers can be the hardest AND MOST ANNOYING type of fighters to beat!

  • They’re so much faster. Sometimes even taller and longer.
  • They move a lot.
  • And they hit you every time you try to come in on them.

Like I said, counter-punchers are ANNOYING! But don’t worry…there are many tactics you can use to put pressure on them, make them uncomfortable, and eventually break them down.

Here’s how you counter the counter-puncher! [Click to read more...]

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Dancer's Footwork for Fighters


Develop a slick explosive footwork for fighting. Hold your ground and throw punches with more power than ever before. Move with catlike agility and razor-sharp quickness. Develop rock hard muscles in your legs and core. Out move all your opponents!

I and my brother Brian (dance champion), share the secrets to dancers footwork training in this special 10-day intensive training program. 4 hours of instructional video and a 24-page workbook to improve your footwork skills.

Learn OVER 100 special footwork drills dancers use to develop core and leg strength, improve balance awareness, and move their feet with blinding speed, power, and precision!

[Click to read more...]

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How to Throw Potshots

Potshots, depending on which side of the punch you’re on, can be the most clever boxing skill or the most annoying attack ever invented in fighting.

Sometimes one cleverly-executed punch, setup and thrown with quickness (sometimes not even with power) is all it takes to frustrate an opponent. Potshots are an excellent physical weapon as well as a psychological weapon.

This boxing guide will teach you how to control a fight one tricky shot at a time. [Click to read more...]

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Fight Preparation Tips

Preparing for your first fight can be the most stressful moment of your life.
This might be the scariest thing you’ve ever done so it’s natural to worry about everything.

You keep checking your workout bag to make sure you didn’t leave your mouthpiece at home. People are texting you for the time and directions and parking information. You feel like some kind of wedding planner. And deep inside, you keep wondering if you’re ready.

Here is my list of final fight preparation tips so you can focus on your fight! [Click to read more...]

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How to Cut Off the Ring

Speedy boxers and defensive fighters are frustrating if not impossible to chase down.

The faster you run, the faster they run away! They never sit still for you to hit and they always seem to squeeze out of the corners. Worst of all, some opponents are even landing punches on you as they’re running away!

The answer is to cut off the ring. Your opponent won’t have anywhere to run to if you know how to cut off his space. [Click to read more...]

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Killer Heavy Bag Workout

Here’s a great boxing heavy bag workout from Jason Van Veldhuysen over at Precision Striking. He’s also got a popular Youtube channel.

This 10-round heavy bag workout will improve your power, speed, endurance, and overall boxing skills! [Click to read more...]

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How to Survive in a Fight

You MUST learn how to survive when you’re hurt.

Advanced fighters are especially good at minimizing damage and buying themselves precious time to recover. They know how to keep moving, how to stall and hold and shake off aggressive opponents. They know how to protect themselves when they’re unable to fight back.

You might be hurt, or injured, or tired, or have something caught in your eye. Or maybe you’re ahead on points and don’t have the energy to maintain the pace. Knowing how to survive can keep you from getting knocked out.

Here are some fight survival tactics that have kept me up until the final bell:

[Click to read more...]

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Beginner Sparring Survival Guide

A quick survival guide to help you make it through your first sparring sessions in the ring.

This is for beginners boxers, first-timers, and anybody who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Sparring is not about getting beating each other up or fighting for real. It’s about learning how to fight by practice fighting. It’s not a real fight and the goal is not to win. Learn how to survive the rounds so you can have fun and actually learn how to box!

[Click to read more...]

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