The 3 Axes of Boxing

Becoming a slick boxer requires the ability to flow through EVERY POSITION in boxing.

If you’ve ever watched a slick boxer for more than 2 minutes, you’ll see him tilt his spine. First he’ll tilt it one way, then he’ll tilt it another way. His upper body moves like a joystick nearly every minute of the fight.

But WHY should you do it? And an even better question—HOW?

You’re crazy if you still think it’s possible to fight from only one position.
I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different axes in boxing. Next I’ll tell you how to transition between them. Then I’ll tell you how to transition WITHOUT wobbling off balance.

Keep reading if you want to become a slick boxer.

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boxing jump rope tricks

2 weeks ago, I wrote a basic jump rope guide along with some basic tricks.

Well now it’s time for something a little more exciting. Hopefully with this list of easy jump rope tricks, you’ll be tempted to finally start jumping rope. The jump rope is truly that amazing and will work wonders for your boxing coordination, rhythm, and fluidity!

Fancy boxing shuffles, cross-overs, double-jumps, all that stuff you’ve seen the pro boxers do with the jump rope…you can do it too. And I’ll show you how.

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boxing jump rope training guide

Want to improve your fighting endurance, punching power, balance and footwork, in just 10 minutes a day?


I hear fighters complain about their footwork and endurance and yet they’ve been skipping the jump rope sessions. Don’t cry when your opponent moves better than you do because you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Don’t skip the jump rope! [haha, get it?] [Click to read more…]

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                       30 day fighters diet
The fighter’s diet is a proven diet used by competing fighters over the past decades to get in shape and lose weight quickly. I’ve broken down all the essential steps into a 30-day diet plan with detailed instructions, schedules, charts, recipes, and food lists, all packed into a 180-page eBook.

Find out why the fighter’s diet is the fastest way to increase performance AND lose weight!
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weights and punching power

 *This was 10 years ago when I thought lifting weights made me a stronger puncher.*

My body isn’t like that anymore and yet I’m so much more powerful now even without trying. Earlier this year, I wrote a controversial article explaining why lifting weights doesn’t increase punching power.

A lot of people disagreed,

many got angry.

One person called me a “stupid kid that doesn’t know anything about sports science or boxing.”

…this guide is not to convince ANY of these individuals.

For everyone else willing to READ and LISTEN and set aside your bias for a split second, here are some more explanations as to why I stand confidently at this conclusion today.

I write it because it might change the way you think about training, change the way you fight, and help you punch harder than you ever could. [Click to read more…]

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breathing techniques for fighting

Are you getting tired for no reason? Are you running out of air during fights? Or do you just stress out behind your guard and get beat up until the bell rings?

Breathing is an essential function of life. It comes before strategy, before technique, before ANY complicated fighting movements. It’s easy to forget how to breathe because you never learned it in the first place. Breathing was always natural until you got in the ring and got distracted by all the fighting.

…but how do you expect to fight when you can’t even breathe?

Learning how to breathe allows you to rest, think, and attack powerfully!

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beginners guide to boxing

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to boxing!

Are you new to boxing and don’t know where to start? I made this complete basic boxing guide for all beginner boxers, filled with explanations, pictures, videos, and links to more detailed guides. Please share it with other aspiring boxers and fighters.

Let’s begin! [Click to read more…]

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Heavy Bag Workout

November 13, 2012 November 13, 2012 by Johnny N Bag Training, Boxing Training 28 Comments

heavy bag workout

There’s more to a heavy bag workout than just throwing punches until you get tired.

There are many heavy bag drills you can use and many possible ways to organize your rounds to develop different kinds of punches. If you’re smart, you’ll use different rounds to focus on different things instead of doing the same thing over and over.

Here’s an easy 6-round heavy bag workout to help you develop different boxing skills.

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Heavy Bag Drills

November 13, 2012 November 13, 2012 by Johnny N Bag Training, Boxing Training 30 Comments

heavy bag drills

Looking for new ways to train with your heavy bag?

The heavy bag has become the symbol of punching power in pop culture and rightfully so. A punching bag is big, strong, and durable. It’s made to be hit and tempts you to test your power with every shot.

But there’s more to a heavy bag than just power. Use it to develop your punching endurance, punching speed, punch accuracy, and even your footwork! Here are five punching bag drills to show you how. [Click to read more…]

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how to hit a heavy bag

Are you working the punching bag? Or is the bag working you?

There’s more to a heavy bag workout than throwing punches as hard as you can until the bell rings or you pass out (whichever one happens first). Believe it or not, the heavy bag is not all about power.

For those who STILL don’t know how to hit the heavy bag correctly, this is for you. [Click to read more…]

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