Punch CombinationsTired of the same'ol one-two punch combination? Try these new comboes here to see if you can break through the other boxer's defense.

Punch Combinations

How to Throw Killer Punch Combinations

What makes a punch combination deadly?

Is it the accuracy?
The speed?
The power?

What’s the MAGIC SKILL that makes your combination truly effective?
Why is it that skilled fighters can be effective even with the most basic punches?

First learn how to throw different combinations.
Then learn my secret to killer combinations. [Click to read more…]

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Basic Punch Combo

Boxing combinations are more than simply a series of punches.

Strategy is needed even for something as basic as swinging your arms around. First you’ll need punches to open up your opponent. Then you’ll need punches to take advantage of the openings.

But what punches should you be throwing?
And in what order?
And where do you aim them?

Learn how the basic boxing combination works. [Click to read more…]

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best boxing combo, the jab-jab-cross

If there was ever a boxing combination to be labelled the best, this would be it. It is so simple yet so deadly when you learn all the variants of the old “jab-jab-cross”. Many trainers told me over and over the 1-1-2 is boxing’s bread and butter combo, better than any other punch combo but I couldn’t understand why. Throwing double jabs in the ring only guaranteed that I would be eating more right hand counters and so I got scared of throwing them.

Many years later, I finally realized what my trainers REALLY meant.
This is how you throw a REAL jab-jab-cross combination… [Click to read more…]

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Southpaw Combos

My favorite southpaw punch combinations and counters for left-handed fighters and boxers.

Here are some basic punching combinations for southpaws. These are specifically design, AND TESTED by me, for effective use against your orthodox opponents. Even though I’m an orthodox fighter, I have a very powerful left hand and consider myself to be somewhat left-handed (I also happen to be left eye and left leg dominant). I’ve fought many rounds as a temporary southpaw and also learn from other southpaws. These combos are guaranteed to be truly effective against right-handers. Remember: it’s not the combos you throw, it’s how you throw them!

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Punching Combinations

The one and only – ExpertBoxing’s complete list of punching combinations for boxers. This is just a list of combinations only.

It’s not about what punches you throw, it’s how you throw the punches. A basic 1-2 punch combination becomes very deadly when you mix in some variations differing in speed, angle, footwork, timing, and power.

If you need further explanation as to why and how you throw these combinations, please see my other articles on punch combinations.

For counter-punching routines, please click here.

Mix & Match and Enjoy! (Last Updated 2/8/12)

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