Boxing Tip #4 – Control Your Breathing

July 3, 2010 July 3, 2010 by Johnny N Boxing Basics, Boxing Tips No Comments

Controlling your breathing is one of the most important things in boxing. Proper breathing can benefit you by increasing your endurance, allowing for more explosive movement, calming your mind, and using your body more effectively in an overall manner.

  • Make sure you breath especially during wild exchanges. Punching without breathing means you will get winded.
  • Explosive breathing = explosive movement. When you punch, breathe out fast & sharp! (This will make your punches fast & sharp!)
  • Try to avoid panicking and taking giant gulps of air when you are tired. Instead try to slow down your breathing so that your heart rate slows down and gives your body and mind a chance to catch up. Resume punching when you are ready.

Whenever you’re training whether it be in the ring or outside the ring, remember to CONTROL YOUR BREATHING!

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