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Check out my premium boxing guides for sale. I have some amazing boxing instructional videos and ebooks to teach you the basics of boxing, advanced boxing techniques, footwork training programs, and diet guides.


How to Box in 10 Days

boxing ebook

The FASTEST way to learn the basics of boxing (technique & training)

This accelerated boxing course will teach you all the proper fundamentals of boxing to go from day one to sparring in just 10 days. You’ll learn all of the proper boxing techniques such as punching, defending, countering, and moving around the ring. You’ll also find tons of advice, drills and workout routines to develop your skills. Even if you don’t plan on competing, you’ll still get a great workout and have lots of fun learning how to box.

The “How to Box in 10 Days” boxing course consists of a 300-page instructional ebook, 32-page workbook, and 1hr 45min of video instruction.


30 Day Fighter’s Diet

30 Day Fighter's Diet

The FASTEST way to increase performance and lose weight!

The fighter’s diet is a proven diet used by competing fighters over the past decades to get in shape and lose weight quickly. I’ve broken down all the essential steps into a 30-day diet plan with detailed instructions, schedules, charts, recipes, and food lists, all packed into a 180-page eBook.


Advanced Boxing Workshop

Advanced Boxing Techniques

ADVANCED boxing techniques for balance, footwork & punching power!

I release over 3 hours of footage from my live boxing workshop on advanced boxing techniques. You can now see all the techniques, drills, and exercises I shared with the boxers that day. Find out exactly how I improved their balance, footwork, and punching power in only 2 hours!


Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters

Advanced Boxing Footwork Drills

10 days of INTENSE footwork training

I and my brother Brian (dance champion), share the secrets to dancers footwork training in this special 10-day footwork training program. 4 hours of instructional video and a 24-page workbook to improve your footwork skills.

Learn OVER 100 special footwork drills dancers use to develop core and leg strength, improve balance awareness, and move their feet with blinding speed, power, and precision!


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